3 Color Interior Design that is Predicted to Be a Trend in 2020

Towards the turn of the year, usually marked by a variety of things that will be a trend in the coming year. Likewise in 2020, there are several colors that are predicted to dominate home interior design.

Reported by Purewow, director of color marketing Sherwin Williams, Sue Wadden said the use of color in interior design is changing. It’s not just a matter of what the room is like, but how it makes residents feel it.

“Color has the power to reduce outside pressure and shape our daily environment and overall mood,” Sue said.

So, what colors are suitable in 2020 that can also make residents feel calm? Consider the following summary.

1. Neutral Colors Inspired by Nature

The Behr company first declared Color of the Year 2020 based on a simple desire to return to nature like a soft green pasture.

Choosing paint with neutral shades can make a small space feel more open and airy. This nuance will give a sensation like walking in the middle of nature. Interested in trying?

2. Soft Pink

The colors of these soft ballet slippers give a touch of space in pink light. The color can be applied anywhere in your home.

This pink touch is felt quite subtle so that it will not compete with existing decorations. On the other hand, it still feels fresh and uplifting.

3. Dark Blue

If you prefer a quieter room to help reduce surrounding noise, you might consider dark blue. Pantone 2020 Classic Blue was chosen because of its ability to arouse a sense of calm and confidence.